Five Easy-to-Make Foods

We are all busy with work, school, and kids. Sometimes it is hard to figure out things that we should be cooking for us and our kids and fit it in our lives everyday because we are all so busy. Here are 5 foods that are pretty quick to make that are good for you to eat! SMOOTHIES If you can spare up to 5 minutes of your time, smoothies are a great breakfast or snack. If you want to …

5 Tips to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution

5 tips to stick to your new year's resolution

If you follow these 5 tips, you will see results from your New Year’s Resolution. Keep motivated and stay strong. Once you start, you’ll be able to succeed! So let’s all get ready for our weight loss goals!

Set Goals for Yourself!

set goals for yourself

Holding yourself accountable for the goals you set for yourself will get you to stick with your exercise plan and improve your fitness level! Don’t give up on your fitness goals! These 4 tips will help you stick with your goal!

Healthy Holidays

The holidays are some of the best times for getting together with your family and relatives to celebrate. There are movies about Christmas and let’s not forget every child’s favorite show “The Polar Express.” During the holidays, we enjoy our time spent with loved ones that we haven’t seen in a while and with that comes food. While we all love getting together with our families, the typical thing that happens is food is brought. The most common time of …

Easy Guide to Weight Loss

easy guide to weight loss

Weight loss seems like the hardest thing to achieve and keeping the weight off seems even harder! Here is my guide on losing weight the easy way.