set goals for yourself

Set Goals for Yourself!

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Holding yourself accountable for the goals you set for yourself will get you to stick with your exercise plan and improve your fitness level! Don’t give up on your fitness goals! These 4 tips will help you stick with your goal!


Eating at Dine-In Restaurants

stephanieauthement Eating Out, Nutrition

Eating at restaurants, whether it is a dine-in restaurant or a fast food restaurant can be challenging, especially when you are trying to eat the right kinds of food.

Healthy Holidays

stephanieauthement Healthy Eating, Nutrition

The holidays are some of the best times for getting together with your family and relatives to celebrate. There are movies about Christmas and let’s not forget every child’s favorite …

Grocery Shopping Tips

Grocery Shopping Tips

stephanieauthement Grocery Shopping, Nutrition

Grocery shopping is hard! It’s so important in our daily lives and most of the time we go in a store without any idea of what we need. This guide teaches you how to shop and make a grocery shopping list and the items you should be buying!