Oven “Fried” Chicken Nuggets

oven fried chicken nuggets

These oven fried chicken nuggets have the tastiness and crispiness of fried chicken nuggets, but are “fried” in the oven by baking them! These delicious chicken nuggets are so easy to make!

Teriyaki Salmon with Mango


This delicious teriyaki salmon recipe takes only 30 minutes to marinate and 20 minutes to bake! The salmon is so tender and tasty, you’ll want to make this a weekly dish in your home!

Cilantro-Lime Tilapia

Looking for a delicious dinner that is quick and easy to make? This is the perfect recipe for you! Fish is a great choice for your meal because it is a lean meat so that means less calories! This recipe takes about 10-15 minutes to make. That includes prepping everything. To start, you need 4 fillets of tilapia. Mine comes frozen in individual packets so I have to defrost them. The wonderful thing about fish, along with other types of …

Skinny Shrimp Stew

skinny shrimp stew

This skinny shrimp stew recipe is perfect year round! This shrimp stew uses a dry roux so it is a lower calorie version of a traditional shrimp stew! while tasting exactly the same!

Taco Soup

Who doesn’t love tacos? Seriously, there is Taco Tuesday for a reason. While everybody loves tacos, it’s not going to make you feel warm on a cold, winter day like a soup does. One of my favorite things to cook is any quick and easy recipes because I am always on the go. I don’t have time to slave over my stove for HOURS during the week. For this taco soup, you will need: 1 lb ground beef 1 can …

Chicken Salad

healthy chicken salad

Looking for a healthy chicken salad recipe that is also delicious? Look no further than this recipe! This delicious chicken salad recipe is made with Pico de Gallo, chicken, and lemon juice! Try this recipe out for a quick weeknight dinner or Sunday afternoon lunch.

Skinny Burrito Bowl

This week I was given A LOT of squash from a family member, and I had to use them for something. I know the latest trend is to substitute noodles for veggies, so here is a burrito bowl with squash “noodles.” By doing this, you are definitely lowering the caloric count of the meal!

Granny Smith Apple & Chicken Pesto

I used to work at a restaurant in the heart of New Orleans where we had this amazing dish with pesto, green apples, and chicken. I remember the first time that I ate it, I fell in love. There was nothing that tasted better to me than that dish. I was only a teenager at the time, and now they don’t serve this dish anymore.  So I’ve since created my own version of this recipe. I know you’re probably skeptical …

Skinny Crockpot Hawaiian Chicken

skinny crockpot Hawaiian chicken

This delicious and healthy Hawaiian Chicken recipe is make in the crock-pot to save you a lot of time cooking! This chicken recipe is full of flavor and has added vegetables and fruit to give it that Hawaiian taste you are looking for!